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RXFORUS was established by a team of pharmacists to deliver the lowest generic prescription prices to our fellow Americans.  

Our mission and vision at RXFORUS is to put red tape and bureaucracy aside and simply let you choose the affordable generic brand prescription drugs you want, delivered to you at a guaranteed low prices. With our state-of-the-art online platform, ordering your prescriptions has never been easier.

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We are located, operated and licensed in the USA.

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We dispense the exact same medications as CVS, Walgreens, etc. all by FDA-approved generic manufactures.

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We contract to get better costs for thousands of generics. That's why we can offer the most competitive prices without the need for insurance.

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Our customers get to choose which generic manufacturer they want to use out of 4 options.

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Unlike CostPlus Drug Company, RxforUs uses its own affiliated retail pharmacy to dispense all its meds.

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We will match any price if we can't beat competitor pricing.

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The Top 8 Questiones We're Always Asked

RXforUS is a US based online prescription medication facilitator who has negotiated best prices with the generic manufacturers in the US.
We created RXforUS because we know how expensive prescription medication can be. We want our patients to be able to receive their necessary medications and not have to pay the high costs associated with going through their insurance.
Our costs are cheaper because the pharmacy is contracted to receive the best prices for over 65,000 generic prescription medications.
No, you don’t need insurance. Most generic drugs cost less when you pay cash and are cheaper than your copay.
Just log in to www.RXforUS.com or scan the QR code provided to be taken to our customer friendly website. You will be able to search the large inventory of generic prescription medications available to you.
The pharmacy will contact your doctor for your prescriptions.

What if I am already using another pharmacy?

The pharmacy will contact your pharmacy to get a transfer of your prescriptions.
Yes. You can request automatic refills on our website. We will ship your medication to you whenever you have a refill available.